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The COVID-19 virus keeps the world in a gridlock, but instead of accepting to stand still, we try to productively move forward. 

The numerous nation-wide measures to slow the spread of the virus have an impact on our everyday lives, but lowering the number of infections needs to be the number one priority right now. 

In the case of cancellations of events such as concerts, dj gigs, performances in theatres, etc. – also on a number of artists who make their living from such shutdown events.

The musicians of Zurich‘s electronic music scene love to perform and they rely on these gigs to cover the cost of living.  

Even if we are not allowed to travel for now, our music sure can. That is why we came up with this self-organized stream for Zurich’s electronic music scene.

Without being bothered by hierarchies and instead with what’s best for the collective in mind.

Along the way, we may even have found a way of paying artists in a fair and transparent manner by evenly dividing all donations that come in.

You can enjoy the sets wherever you are in safe distance and support the DJs with a donation.

All donations will be evenly distributed among all DJs and the donation balance will be shown transparently after the mayhem is over.

At the time when we launched this stream – 5 hours after the press conference where the closure of event spaces was declared – there were no measures announced to absorb the economic effects for artists and self-employed individuals. 

Since then the Swiss government has announced new measures to help these groups too. 

The donations will still be evenly distributed, but optionally, should a DJ no longer need the donation, he/she can decide that we should donate it to one of the causes stated below. 

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be alone. Now more than ever.

Update 28.04.20

«So this is the last time, my friend» – Obi-Wan Kenobi

We have streamed for 7 weeks after DJ Alain Berset’s announcement of Switzerland’s lockdown and hosted 117 different DJs. In the course of this project we (re)discovered the different subcultures and milieus in our own city. This has been a very inspirational ride.

It was great to create this together as a community. Including the support of everybody out there with 31’000 Views and 8205 CHF donated.

We have distributed this amount to all DJs who performed. For all the DJs who decided to donate their share, we have collected it and donated it to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Now this stream is over and we have this time capsule of Zurich’s electronic music scene. All the Videoclips will be embedded soon.

We will take oiur time & space to reflect on this and on new formats.

No worries → We will be back something – sooner than you think.


Thank you all for being part of this ride.

The Zurich is community is strong!

Kindly supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung


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